John Kerry Is An Ignoramus. But You Knew That.

To me one of the most amazing traits of the Democrat party is its insistence on promoting to positions of power and authority utter nincompoops and then expecting everyone to ignore the fact that they are nincompoops. Cases in point: Alan Grayson (D-FL) and Anthony Weiner (D-NY). One needn’t have listened to or read more than a paragraph spoken or written by either of these men to know you were dealing with a mental deficient. The same with John Kerry.


John Kerry got his start by manufacturing a heroic military career involving wounds(really? Three Purple Hearts and not a single day in the hospital?) and personal combat (no, shooting a badly wounded enemy at point blank range is called an “execution” and is a war crime, you don’t deserve a Silver Star for it). He went on to sell out his comrades, fake throwing his medals away, testified boldly as any fabulist has ever testified on Vietnam, and generally supported every communist advance against the west. As far as I can tell, his only real success in life has been to marry someone with oodles of money.

Anyway, John Kerry is what passes for an “elder statesman” in the Democrat party.

Last weekend, shortly before the Obama Administration’s feckless, if not vacuous, foreign policy began to melt down John Kerry published an article in Foreign Policy magazine detailing why the Democrats are to be trusted with US foreign policy and Republicans aren’t despite all evidence to the contrary.

As a metaphor for Kerry’s entire life the article starts with a huge lie

I grew up in a Senate and foreign-policy world where we treated as gospel the notion that — as Sen. Arthur Vandenberg famously said — “politics stops at the water’s edge.”

It is hard to view Kerry’s antics since 2001 as anything but a calculated effort to damage Republicans no matter when or where the opportunity arose. He was part of the cabal that supported the efforts by John Murtha (Fast festering sack of pus – PA) to increase US deaths in Iraq in order to win political points. His “slow bleed” strategy.


His essay ends with an inadvertent truth arrived at only by a tortuous path of lies.

Obama’s foreign-policy record offers a preview of what a future Democratic foreign policy would look like. There is a willingness to make tough decisions. He is willing to work with allies and others who can help us pursue our interests. And he is committed to using American values as a compass as he makes consequential decisions. The president will continue to meet new challenges like those we will confront in Asia, as well as old challenges in the Middle East, South Asia, and against al Qaeda, with clarity and focus.

While Obama’s foreign policy is indeed a preview to the dystopia a continued Democrat foreign policy would entail, it is hardly for the reasons that Kerry enumerates.

1. Obama’s foreign policy, like everything else his administration has encountered, is characterized by a failure to make decisions but rather tries to take credit for events over which it has no control. We are now four years into this administration and we don’t have a budget. Just as he has economically, in the foreign policy arena he has also been asleep at the switch.

2. He has ignored our national interests for the sake of fleeting headlines. He turned Libya and Egypt over to hostile powers just so he could grab some credit for the fatuous “Arab Spring.”

3. We are scorned as weak and ineffectual because we are.


4. Our national values are traded away daily as the administration has demonstrated in its utterly craven conduct in Egypt and Libya.

5. Iran continues to pursue nuclear weapons and Obama will not meet with the Israeli Prime Minister though scheduling doesn’t seem to be a problem when it comes to toadying to the Muslim Brotherhood.

6. Japan and China face off in the South China Sea only because China knows an America under Barack Obama would never defend our long time ally in the case of conflict.

We have not been this weak and disrespected abroad since Carter regime. We can only hope it comes to an end soon.


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