Free Speech Sacrificed to Irrational Violence

If the West loses the cultural war that is underway with various forms of totalitarianism it will not be because of the actions various people in the West who have abolished God and substituted the worship of Tolerance.


I don’t know much about this rube pastor Terry Jones or rogue film maker Sam Bacile, other than they have Islam’s number down pat — or at lest Islam as practiced outside its Western enclaves. When a rent-a-mob operating at the behest of the governments of Egypt and Libya (I say operating at the behest, I do so because there is no freedom of assembly in those countries and for a mob to assemble there has to be governmental complicity) stormed our diplomatic facilities there.

In the prelude to the attacks our embassy in Egypt was sending out tweets denouncing Mr. Bacile and his works and even issued an official statement condemning him. Instead of sticking up for American values, like free speech and freedom of religion, our government was attacking a US citizen.

Today a variety of other administration toadies are even advocating that Mr. Jones be prosecuted for exercising his rights under the First Amendment. Cretins like Mike Barnicle who, as might be expected, reside on MSNBC. A University of Pennsylvania professor demanded that the film maker Sam Bacile be rounded up.


This is shameful. Instead of this being an eye opener into our enemy, our Quislings are frantically searching for ways to placate them.

This is an issue on which all of us should be able to agree. If you believe we live in a liberal, secular society we should be united in our defense of Mr. Jones right to say pretty much whatever he wishes without necessarily agreeing to it. We should condemn the people who use their own religious bigotry to riot and murder. More importantly, if you believe we live in a Western and Christian culture you should be aghast that our government is attacking US citizens for professing their faith.


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