Obama Administration To Increase Fast & Furious After Aurora Shootings

The only saving grace of having a president devoid of principles, experience, or class is that he and his sycophants, when under pressure, routinely push forward statements and ideas that are so bizarre as to be unbelievable outside a very low-brow comedy routine.


For instance. Having suffered through 40 months of economic mismanagement unlike anything we’ve experienced since FDR, we’re told by the president, with no apparent sense of irony, that the private sector is “doing fine” and it is the government sector, that sector which is loss center on the national ledgers, that is hurting. Ordinarily, hovering with 15+% unemployment (U-6) is not considered “doing fine” and reducing government workers would be seen a good thing for the economy. The same applies with Obama’s essay into economic philosophy where we found that all business success flows from government expenditures via his infamous “somebody else made that happen” comment.

Now we are seeing the same effect taking hold in the aftermath of the tragic shooting in Aurora, CO.

Unable to demagogue this particular tragedy for electoral gain, Obama has apparently decided to use the incident to shore up his base while not provoking a full-on fight with the majority of Americans who realize that laws only serve to restrain the law abiding. Criminals and outlaws, by definition, disregard laws the rest of us obey.


Like Obama’s actions in many other areas, this is shaping up as a case study of what happens when an administration has no sense of irony. This from Major Garrett at National Journal in an article called Three Simple Steps which alleges to lay out three regulatory steps the administration could take to restrict gun ownership in America:

2. Expand Obama’s new requirement issued by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives that gun shops in border states report customers who purchase two or more domestically made assault weapons within five business days. The courts have upheld the reporting requirement, and it could be expanded nationwide without congressional action. Gun-control advocates credit Obama for taking the initial step on tracking multiple sales in border states (where Mexican cartel violence has risen), but a national system could help make multiple assault-weapon purchases more visible and traceable.

This statement is astonishing on a lot of levels. The first is that Congress will sit idly by and let the ATF increase reporting requirements via regulation. No one involved in the gun rights debate, from either side, believes that to be the case.


The most astonishing part is that an administration that is complicit in the killings of a few thousand Mexicans by weapons supplied to them with the full knowledge and cooperation of the federal government would even think about touting Fast & Furious as a success story worth emulating in the rest of the country.

That this could happen, and that it would be endorsed by the various gun-grabbing groups, indicates that there was more than a little truth in the supposition that the real mission of Fast & Furious was to create a bodycount on the border in order to push for more stringent gun control laws and regulations.


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