Send mbecker or Tbone to Vegas has a deal for you.

On October 22 there will be a pep rally of sorts in Las Vegas headlining our president, Barack Obama. is raffling off the chance to meet the president backstage.


Go backstage with the President

Too much is at stake in the November elections for any of us to sit on the sidelines. The President is fired up — traveling the country to make the case to voters.

Make a donation and be automatically registered for a chance to meet the President at a rally in Las Vegas on October 22nd.

Corporate special interests are spending millions to stop our agenda this fall. But we will not allow our voices to be drowned out.

We’re knocking on more doors, making more calls, talking to more voters — it’s the most ambitious grassroots plan any party has run in an election like this.

Yeah, they’re asking for money but the rules state there is no need to donate in order to enter the contest. Just like Publishers Clearinghouse.

I would ask a favor. If anyone wins this contest they give their ticket to either mbecker or Tbone to guarantee a surreal experience for the president, the nation and possibly the world.


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