Helen Thomas Watch: The Denial of Denial

Just about everyone knows the Helen Thomas story. The vicious, anti-Semitic old harpy opined that the problem in “Palestine” was with Jews and advocated ethnic cleansing as a solution:


Thomas: They should go home!

Nessenoff: Where’s their home?

Thomas: Poland. Germany.

Nessenoff: So you’re saying the Jews should go back to Poland and Germany?

Thomas: And America and everywhere else.

Helen Thomas is a incompetent, incoherent hack who has been a pimple on the butt of the White House Press Corps for decades. Her presence is as inexplicable now as it was when she first arrived as a sop the the feminist movement.

Now, as expected, the press corps in general, and the White House Press Corps in particular, is closing ranks around her. Today on Twitter, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin commented:

SarahPalinUSA Helen Thomas press pals condone racist rant?Heaven forbid”esteemed”press corps represent society’s enlightened elite;Rest of us choose truth

she got this nonsensical reply from Jake Tapper:

jaketapper @SarahPalinUSA Who condoned it?


This is simply Olympic caliber obtuseness. The deafening silence of Thomas’s colleagues testifies to what we already know. The White House Press Corps is reflexively hostile to Israel. An institution that lit its collective hair on fire in its haste to condemn Trent Lott is now studiously looking at its shoe tops and whistling.

Helen Thomas is going to stay in the White House Press Corps until someone finally discovers that she’s simply a dessicated corpse because no one in the White House or in whatever alleged news agency she belongs to or amongst her colleagues sees anything wrong with what she said.

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