Who needs a muted, irrelevant President?

As conservatives, we know why we don’t want President Barack Obama in the White House. He is leading this country in the wrong direction. But his completely empty convention speech, when combined two moments described in Bob Woodward’s new book, gave us another prong of attack that is potentially much more devastating. He simply is irrelevant now. Nancy Pelosi put him on mute and Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid kicked Obama out of a meeting he called in the White House.


So here’s the argument. President Obama may be bad. But he’s worse than bad. He’s irrelevant. It is time to elect someone with a vision and a capacity to actually solve — or at least contribute to solutions — to today’s problems. Obama’s convention speech, allergic to any specifics, and nothing more than a recitation of progressive goals and values rather than specific policies to get people there, shows that he will continue to be the irrelevant man in the room if re-elected. Who needs a man who brings nothing to the table other than speechifying, no matter how inspiring it may be to some?

So let’s look at these stories one by one. First, Nancy Pelosi put Barack Obama on mute.

“Warming to his subject, he continued with an uplifting speech,” Woodward writes. “Pelosi reached over and pressed the mute button. They could hear Obama, but now he couldn’t hear them. The president continued speaking, his disembodied voice filling the room, and the two leaders got back to the hard numbers.

Now, Pelosi has denied it. But Woodward has said that he has recordings of first person accounts of that meeting.


The message is clear: thanks for your thoughts, now the adults have to go do the work.

Second, on today’s Washington Post front page, Bob Woodward described Obama being kicked out of a room in the White House for his irrelevance to the debate over the debt ceiling as both Boehner and Reid asked to be left alone to address the problem.

Obama objected, saying that he couldn’t be left out of the process. “I’ve got to sign this bill,” he reminded the leaders as they sat in the Cabinet Room off the Oval Office.

“Mr. President,” Boehner challenged, “as I read the Constitution, the Congress writes the laws. You get to decide if you want to sign them.”

Reid, the most powerful Democrat on Capitol Hill, spoke up. The congressional leaders want to speak privately, he said. Give us some time.

This was it. Congress was taking over. The leaders were asking the president to leave the meeting he had called in the White House.

Once again: thanks for your thoughts, now the adults have to go do the real work. Woodward nailed what happened in a follow up question:

How did it feel, I asked the president in an interview on July 11, 2012, to be voted off the island in his own house?


It is hard to comprehend how weak this President is.

The only thing that this president has really provided leadership on is ObamaCare. We, and most of America, don’t like it. If this were an election on his record, that would be enough to fire him. But his re-election pitch is nothing more than that. He has no additional vision. And all of his nice words give us nothing more than that. And not even his own party respects him enough to include him in decisions.

What possible rationale is there to re-elect an irrelevant man to the White House?


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