Can't Afford Gas For Your Car? Trade It in, Rubes Says Obama

According to the AP, after bravely running away from the impending Government shut-down Crisis ™, President Obama attended a townhall meeting in Pennsylvania. During the course of the rally townhall meeting, he had this to say in response to a father of ten children relaying that he could not afford to fill his gas tank:


Obama says little short-term help for gas prices

“Obama needled one questioner who asked about gas prices, now averaging close to $3.70 a gallon nationwide, and suggested that the gentleman consider getting rid of his gas-guzzling vehicle.”

“”If you’re complainin­g about the price of gas and you’re only getting 8 miles a gallon, you know,” Obama said laughingly­. “You might want to think about a trade-in.”

Guys, stop bitterly clinging to your cars – and your hard-earned money! So you’d have to go into debt to trade-in your car and get a fancy pants Elitist-approved car. It’s hilarious and no big whoop anyway. It’s not like you have to buy arugula. Have you seen those prices?

Surprising that the AP actually reported that, isn’t it? But wait ! They of course swiftly realized the error of their ways; it does not suit to report, you know, the truth. It might make The One look bad. So, they changed the headline of the article and removed the offending section above. Forgetting, as always, that nothing actually disappears once on the internet. Instapundit grabbed a screen shot. It’s funny that people who constantly claim to be oh-s0-smart and worldly are actually such simpletons.

Haley Barbour issued a statement immediately, which I received by email (as did Instapundit), saying “Instead of changing his policies, President Obama is trying to blame the American people for skyrocketing gas prices by saying they should trade-in their cars.


Exactly right. That is exactly what he was doing – it is his entire plan anyway. He doesn’t want lower gas prices. He wants people to have to buy pitiful little hybrid cars and such. He does not live in the real world, nor has he ever (he thinks cars get 8 miles to the gallon, for cripes sake.) He thinks “Y’all want freedom and ability to make you own decisions, including what you drive? Freedom Shmeedom! I know best! People have to buy said cars? With money that they do not have? Whatever, that’s neither here nor there. The seas must recede! Also, high speed rail!”

The woeful incompetence and delusional utopianism is staggering.

Steve Maley at RedState sums up Obama’s “solutions” in a nut-shell: Unicorn Flatus


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