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Biden Can't Even Keep the Courts Straight Anymore - Check Out the Confused Post He Just Deleted

You don't get to "dissent," Joe — it's now the law that you have to uphold whether you like it or not. 

'Shame on the White House Press Corps': Former NY Times Editor Blasts Media for Journalistic Failure

Excellent piece, Ms. Abramson, but it would have been even better three and a half years ago when Biden’s mental issues were already patently obvious. 

LEAKED: Absolute Panic Sets in for Democrats on Donor Call, 'Comatose or Dead Biden' Leads to Desperation

That's just brutal, and the flailing would be sad if it weren't coming from people who so richly deserve it.


Today on Capitol Hill...

All's quiet on the Capitol front — except for that weird scraping sound you hear as some congressional Dems continue to rearrange deck chairs on the SS Biden while it takes on more and more water, mixed with the splashes of their colleagues who've determined it's time to abandon ship

White House What's Up

President Joe Biden is scheduled to have lunch with Vice President Kamala Harris on Wednesday. Later in the afternoon, he'll deliver remarks at a Medal of Honor ceremony. Then, he's set to meet with Democratic governors. I'm sure that will go well


Full Court Press...

It should be relatively uneventful on the judicial front Wednesday, too, as we head into the Fourth of July holiday. It does sound as though the defense will be wrapping Friday in the trial of Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ), so there could be a verdict as early as this weekend or early next week. 


It's easy to snark about the SS Biden but the sad truth of the matter is this isn't good. And no matter how it goes down, we're a nation adrift, which makes us extraordinarily vulnerable. It's also naive to expect that any one person can right the ship. What's painfully clear is that Joe Biden cannot. 


That's some talent. 



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