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OPINION: Gavin Newsom's Political Career Is Over

Newsom's actual attack on Democracy could be the nail in the coffin of any hope he had of becoming President.

CBS Teases 'Surprises' From Joe Biden for the Debate

We know he's going to concentrate on Trump being a "threat to democracy," Jan. 6, and Trump's conviction/indictments. Every time Biden says something like that, Trump should turn it around on him and how he's failed the American people, and that's why we have no money in our pockets, our money is flooding out for foreign wars, our border isn't secure, and the world is in chaos. 

WATCH: Sen. John Kennedy Humiliates Two More Biden Judicial Nominees in Epic Fashion

Soft-on-crime judges are the absolute last thing we need in this country, and that goes double for any judge who goes soft when it comes to sentencing in sexual abuse cases, especially those involving minors.


Today on Capitol Hill...

There are no meetings or hearings scheduled, and it looks to be a quiet day on the Hill as we enter the first full day of summer. 

White House What's Up

President Joe Biden is holed up at Camp David in preparation for the big debate with former President Donald six days. 


Full Court Press...

Friday is another Supreme Court decision day. Four opinions were released Thursday; expect there to be four more today. Will they be any of the "big" ones? I suspect we'll see at least one that sends some folks to the fainting couches. 


Took an unscheduled road trip yesterday with my mom and cousin to visit an elderly (almost 95-year-old) uncle. My mom and I hadn't seen him in years. The hearing isn't great, the memory isn't great, and it took a while for him to connect who was who, but once he did, his eyes lit up. We had a really nice visit and I'm glad we made the trip, though sorry he's far enough away to make regular visits difficult. Just a reminder (to myself as much as anyone) to make those trips and have those visits while you can. 


And now we all do...



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