NEW: Texas Children's Hospital Reportedly Has Closed Its Pediatric Sex-Change Clinic (at Least for Now)

Texas Children's Hospital. (Credit: Wiki Commons/Public Domain)

There has been a great deal of (seemingly warranted) scrutiny directed at Texas Children's Hospital since reports emerged two weeks ago of the Department of Justice going after whistleblower Dr. Ethan Haim, a resident at Baylor College of Medicine, on charges of improperly accessing and disclosing patient information in violation of HIPAA. 


In 2023, Haim told journalist Christopher Rufo that the hospital was continuing to perform "gender-affirming" surgeries on minors — a practice that was outlawed by Texas Lawmakers in September 2023. 

The uproar over Haim's targeting was followed by reports of a visit from FBI agents to a nurse from the hospital who claimed that doctors in the hospital's child sex-change program had committed Medicaid fraud.

DOJ Targets Surgeon Who Exposed Children's Hospital Over
Gender-Affirming Surgeries on Minors

Biden's Justice Department Goes After Whistleblowers to Protect Illegal Texas 'Gender Affirming' Clinic

On Thursday afternoon, Rufo shared to his X account reports that the hospital has temporarily closed its pediatric sex-change clinic. 

This follows reports that the office of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is opening an investigation into the allegations of Medicaid Fraud. Additionally, Texas State Representative Brian Harrison (R) has called for the Texas House to hold hearings and investigate federal officials and hospital leadership over the matter. 


Now, according to Rufo, the hospital appears to be "in a full-blown panic."

This is a developing story. RedState will provide additional details as they become available.



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