BREAKING: James Comer Officially Invites Joe Biden to Testify Before Oversight Committee

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As invitations go, this one may not be all that welcomed by its recipient: House Oversight Chairman James Comer has issued a letter to President Joe Biden inviting him to testify before the committee. The letter notes the committee is open to accommodating the president's schedule but suggests a hearing date of April 16. 


In the letter, Comer lays the groundwork for the committee's inquiry and interest in speaking with the president. 

The Committee has accounted for over $24 million that has flowed from foreign sources to you, your family, and their business associates. The Committee has identified no legitimate services to merit such lucrative payments. You have repeatedly denied playing any role in your family’s business activities, but the Committee has amassed evidence—including bank records and witness testimony—that wholly contradicts your position on these matters. Additionally, the White House has taken a position hostile to the Committee’s investigation and refuses to release certain information or make available witnesses to testify regarding issues relevant to the ongoing impeachment inquiry currently authorized by the full House of Representatives. In light of the yawning gap between your public statements and the evidence assembled by the Committee, as well as the White House’s obstruction, it is in the best interest of the American people for you to answer questions from Members of Congress directly, and I hereby invite you to do so. 


Comer explains that there have emerged two conflicting narratives, one told by the president, and one told by witnesses and evidence. 

The public is left with two irreconcilable narratives. The first—asserted by you—is that you did not engage in influence peddling in exchange for payments to your family. The second—asserted by witnesses and a body of evidence I will briefly review below—is that you were indeed involved in these pay-for-influence schemes and that you have been repeatedly untruthful regarding a matter relevant to national security and your own fitness to serve as President of the United States.

Comer then lays out the factual basis for the ongoing inquiry, with sections devoted to China, Ukraine, Russia, and Loans. 

The full seven-page letter may be viewed here

One suspects that Biden won't soon accept the invitation — and the committee likely cannot compel him to do so. But wouldn't that be something if he did? 


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