RedState Weekly Briefing: Maui Mismanagement, Georgia Hypocrisy, FBI Reticence

M. Kaleo Manuel, Deputy Director of the Hawaii Commission on Water Resource Management. CREDIT: Screenshot

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#1 - Official Who Ignored Request for Water During Maui Inferno: 'Water Requires Conversations Around Equity' -- by Jennifer Van Laar

During the inferno that devastated part of the island of Maui, wiping entire towns off the map and possibly killing more than a thousand people (once a full assessment can be made), people on Maui begged state officials to allow West Maui stream water to be diverted to fill up reservoirs for firefighting. That request went to M. Kaleo Manuel, Deputy Director of Hawaii's Commission on Water Resource Management, and he delayed approval of that water for five hours - five hours in which the once-contained fire exploded. By the time the approval was received, workers were unable to reach the siphon release so that the water could be diverted. Now we're learning that Manuel, an Obama Foundation Leader for the Asia Pacific Region, is a climate change activist and DEI devotee who's said, "Like, we can share [water], but it requires true conversations about equity."

Glenn Tremble with the West Maui Land Company gave the chronology in a letter sent to Manuel, and obtained by the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

#2 - Life Comes at Georgia Dem Congresswoman Fast After She Tries Dunking Trump Over Indictment -- by Sister Toldjah

Rep. Williams, who is now serving her second term in Congress, represents the 5th Congressional District, one of the bluest in the country, which makes sense since it contains a big chunk of Atlanta. 

In a statement posted on her website Tuesday, Williams proclaimed that "in Fulton County we apply the law equally to everyone–even failed former presidents":

“After losing the free and fair 2020 election, the failed former president attempted to disenfranchise Georgia voters because he didn’t like the result. That was an assault on our democracy. Now, Donald Trump is facing the consequences of his actions. Too bad for him that in Fulton County we apply the law equally to everyone–even failed former presidents.”

I mean remarks like these are to be expected and for the most part, should be taken with a grain of salt considering the source.

But in Williams' case, it was pointed out that maybe she should sit this one out because of actions she took just prior to twice-failed Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams officially losing to Republican Brian Kemp in 2018:


#3 - What the FBI Isn't Saying About Its Shooting of a Utah Trump Supporter Should Concern Everyone -- by Bonchie

That leads to another big issue. Why is the FBI conducting a pre-dawn raid on an elderly man over online threats? Anytime the FBI barge in on someone who is sleeping, there is a chance that person mistakes law enforcement for unlawful home intruders and things go sideways. Robertson was old and barely able to walk. Why didn’t the FBI just pick him up and arrest him on his way to the store? Why didn’t they just knock and ask him to exit the house peacefully?

But again, it’s what the FBI isn’t saying that says the most. If Robertson did point a weapon at the agents, why hasn’t the FBI come out and revealed that yet? Doing so would quell questions about the shooting. Body cam footage has to exist, as well, because FBI agents are required to wear them during pre-planned raids. Where is that footage to prove Robertson was posing a deadly threat?

Perhaps all that is forthcoming, but the silence coming from the government is deafening right now. An explanation must be provided here, and one that deals with all the serious questions surrounding the killing of Robertson. Anything less is unacceptable.

#4 - Woke Flash Mobber Gets More Than She Bargained for After Throwing Race Card at Target Employee -- by Sister Toldjah

Because racial flamethrowers will never ever let facts get in the way of a good old-fashioned fake narrative, Ms. Storme continued on with her Twitter rants, at one point insinuating some of her detractors were bullies for supposedly picking on a "23-year-old girl" (and one who very publicly accused another person - complete with a video of that person's face - of racism).


She also told her critics to "go to hell" and that she would not be deterred from (falsely) smearing the Target employee and others clapping back at her for her stunt as racists because she could.

When all was said and done, Ms. Storme got the attention she craved, as wokesters often do

#5 - Biden's Response to Question About the Maui Fire Was Even Worse Than We Initially Thought -- by Nick Arama

The reporters ask him to come to talk with them about the Hawaii response, but he gets into his car and takes off. 

How does he hear what they are asking and not only decline to comment but then smile like that, as though they asked him what his favorite ice cream was? How far out of it is he at this point when he thinks that's an appropriate response? Or is he just so locked into saying "No comment" about everything and grinning that he just doesn't know any other response? Maybe it's because he can't respond if he isn't prepared by his staff and doesn't have his handy-dandy note cards to check. He thinks he can't make a mistake if he just says, "No comment." He doesn't seem to understand that, in this case, no comment is awful, plus that look from him in response to the question was just so wrong.


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