Biden's Response to Question About the Maui Fire Was Even Worse Than We Initially Thought

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

As I previously reported, Joe Biden's response when asked for a comment about the Maui fire was truly cold.

Over the weekend, as more bodies were discovered from the horrible fire, the death total moved to at least 93 people, with hundreds of people still missing and the number of dead likely to rise. Authorities were calling it the worst wildfire in a century. Thousands have been displaced, and much of Lahaina was wiped out. People are raising a lot of questions about the response, and they need a lot of help there. 


But according to reports, Biden responded, "No comment." He seemingly couldn't be bothered to comment about the people in Maui when he was on yet another one of his many vacations. 

I thought that was bad enough. But it gets worse. 

Now there is a video of Biden answering that question, and not only does he say "No Comment" in response, but he also smirks/has a big wide grin as he responds. 

The reporters ask him to come to talk with them about the Hawaii response, but he gets into his car and takes off. 

How does he hear what they are asking and not only decline to comment but then smile like that, as though they asked him what his favorite ice cream was? How far out of it is he at this point when he thinks that's an appropriate response? Or is he just so locked into saying "No comment" about everything and grinning that he just doesn't know any other response? Maybe it's because he can't respond if he isn't prepared by his staff and doesn't have his handy-dandy note cards to check. He thinks he can't make a mistake if he just says, "No comment." He doesn't seem to understand that, in this case, no comment is awful, plus that look from him in response to the question was just so wrong. 


Biden finally did come back from vacation on Monday. However, he again avoided questions about the appointment of a Special Counsel to probe his son and the Biden family scandal. One of the reporters also asked if he would be handing his bank records over to Congress. 

As we noted earlier, at least Kamala Harris gave something of a comment, saying that she and Biden were "deeply concerned." But she was off to the beach as well -- she was in Martha's Vineyard at a fundraiser. 


Then as I reported earlier, Biden is expected to be off to Lake Tahoe later this week for still more time away. He's leaving for still more vacation in another on Friday, until the following Thursday in the ritzy resort area. 




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