Life Comes at Georgia Dem Congresswoman Fast After She Tries Dunking Trump Over Indictment

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In light of the news of the Fulton County, Georgia indictment against former President Donald Trump, a 2024 GOP presidential contender, has come the predictable wave of pouncing and seizing from the Usual Suspects on the left. Many, including 2016 election denier Hillary Clinton, are seriously lacking even the tiniest shred of self-awareness.


Next to Clinton, perhaps the second-most hypocritical reaction came from Georgia Democrat Nikema Williams.

Rep. Williams, who is now serving her second term in Congress, represents the 5th Congressional District, one of the bluest in the country, which makes sense since it contains a big chunk of Atlanta. 

In a statement posted on her website Tuesday, Williams proclaimed that "in Fulton County we apply the law equally to everyone–even failed former presidents":

“After losing the free and fair 2020 election, the failed former president attempted to disenfranchise Georgia voters because he didn’t like the result. That was an assault on our democracy. Now, Donald Trump is facing the consequences of his actions. Too bad for him that in Fulton County we apply the law equally to everyone–even failed former presidents.”

I mean remarks like these are to be expected and for the most part, should be taken with a grain of salt considering the source.

But in Williams' case, it was pointed out that maybe she should sit this one out because of actions she took just prior to twice-failed Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams officially losing to Republican Brian Kemp in 2018:


Multiple people, including Democratic state Sen. Nikema Williams, were arrested Tuesday during a protest at Georgia's Capitol building in Atlanta, where chants of "count every vote" broke out among demonstrators, law enforcement said.

Protesters were calling for the uncounted ballots from last week's midterm election to be tallied as the gubernatorial race between Republican Brian Kemp and Democrat Stacey Abrams remains too close to call. Kemp holds a lead over Abrams of less than 58,000 votes as of Tuesday.

Georgia State Patrol told NBC News Tuesday that 15 protesters were arrested for unlawfully disrupting "orderly conduct of official business." State patrol said protesters were taken to the Fulton County Jail.

Police later announced that Williams was additionally charged with misdemeanor obstruction of justice.

After her arrest and release, Williams claimed black female Democrat privilege as a state senator (at the time) as a reason why she shouldn't have been arrested:

"I joined them down on the floor and I was singled out as a black female senator, standing in the rotunda with constituents in the Capitol, in the body that I serve in, and I was singled out and arrested today for standing with so many Georgians who are demanding every vote be counted," she said. 


As it turned out, privileged is exactly what she was, because the charges were dropped a few months later on free speech grounds:

In a court filing, Cobb County Solicitor General Barry Morgan said that while there was probable cause for Williams’ arrest, his office decided not to prosecute her.

“While the Capitol Police were professional and correctly did their job, we must also balance the need for public safety in such an important public forum with the inviolable right to free speech and protest, especially of the government,” Morgan wrote in the dismissal. “Our decision here does not reflect condemnation of that arrest decision; this decision is a choice to let the arrest itself serve as punishment for the crime.”

But that wasn't enough for Williams. She ended up suing over the incident in part on grounds that it never should have happened since she was a state senator and a special session had been in progress at the time.

While the Trump case and the Williams case are different on many levels, that Williams had the audacity to complain about election denialism was rather rich when, if she had her way, Stacey Abrams would have been named Georgia's governor in 2018:


So for those keeping score at home, an election-denying Democrat politico who reportedly tried to forcibly change the outcome of the 2018 gubernatorial race on behalf of another election-denying Democrat is trying to dunk on Trump for allegedly being an election denier.

You really can't make this stuff up.

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