Sen. Tom Cotton Is Not Impressed With the Secret Service and Their Handling of Cocainegate

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) discusses #Cocainegate with Shannon Bream on Fox News Sunday (7/16/23). (Credit: Fox News Sunday)

We have, of course, been covering the many twists and turns of #Cocainegate here at RedState, including the disappointing, yet sadly unsurprising, announcement by the Secret Service on Thursday that they were closing their investigation into the matter. As Bonchie observed at the time:


At first, the cocaine was claimed to have been “near” the White House (and that it wasn’t regular cocaine). A day later, a report came out that it was actually found in the White House Library with the implication being that a tourist left it behind. Next, we were told that the drugs were found at the West Executive Entrance. Lastly, the White House came out and said the baggie was placed in a cubby used to deposit electronic devices, with the blame being pointed at construction workers.

In other words, the entire situation has been an incoherent mess with a constantly changing narrative. That has made many suspicious and for good reason. Why would anyone believe anything the Biden administration has to say after taking people on that wild ride?

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton joined Shannon Bream on Fox News Sunday to discuss an array of topics, including FBI Director Christopher Wray’s recent testimony before the House Judiciary Committee and legislation he is proposing to protect parents’ rights and prevent schools from concealing gender transition of their children from them.

As to the handling by the Secret Service of the cocaine found at the White House on July 2nd, Cotton was less than impressed.


Bream: Okay, let’s talk about cocaine at the White House. You heard what John Kirby had to say — they take this very seriously. He’s not happy that they haven’t found answers either, but…they said — the Secret Service says: “We sent this stuff to the FBI lab. We got no latent fingerprints; we did not get enough DNA.” They said insufficient DNA. They also say there was no surveillance camera in the area that would have caught this. They end with this: “Without physical evidence, the investigation will not be able to single out a person of interest from the hundreds of individuals who passed through the vestibule…where the cocaine was discovered…the Secret Service’s investigation is closed due to a lack of physical evidence.” I know that you reached out directly to the Secret Service. You demanded answers by Friday afternoon. What have you gotten?

Cotton: We got no answers — that’s not surprising. The Secret Service is a troubled agency — it’s long had challenges — and it probably needs new leadership. I take this very seriously. I mean, what if this was anthrax? This is supposed to be the most secure building in the world. Yet the Secret Service closed down this investigation after just a few days. It’s my understanding they barely conducted any interviews. I don’t think they interviewed the president’s son, who’s a known cocaine addict. This is like if Hamburglar lived in the White House and all the hamburgers disappeared, and they said they didn’t have any suspects or no one they could question. They know who went through those doors, so they could interview them, as well. If the president were really serious about it, he could demand everybody that goes through those doors submit to a drug test. You can use hair testing samples and identify anyone who’s used cocaine in the last few months. Those are the steps you would take if you took this seriously. This just seems like another Biden cover-up.

Bream: Well, and to be clear, the White House has said that Hunter Biden was not there at the time that this was discovered — the days around that apparently were searched as well, so, we’ll wait to see. Is there any other body — there are members of Congress who’ve said they may have some sort of oversight to launch some kind of investigation. Would that go anywhere?

Cotton: Well, this is part of the oversight that we conduct on the Judiciary Committee, also on the Homeland Security Committee. I suspect the Republican majority in the House will take this seriously — I don’t think the Senate Democrats will — and add this to one of the growing numbers of investigations into cover-ups related to Joe Biden and his family.


Hopefully, the House Oversight and/or Judiciary Committee can delve into the matter further. At minimum, they need to determine what additional security measures need to be taken to ensure that random bags of white powdery stuff don’t continue to find their way into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.



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