Moore to the Point - This Is the Adults in Charge?

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One of the key criticisms of Donald Trump has been personality (as opposed to policy) – most everyone right of center (and even some not-so-right-of-center) appreciated his policies, but for some, the “mean tweets” were tough to stomach. The insulting nicknames, the punching down – many saw this as childish and counter-productive.


Which was the hook for Joe Biden in 2020. Running the lowest of lowkey campaigns virtually from his basement, good ol’ Joe could play the part of your friendly old harmless uncle and appeal as an antidote to his pugnacious predecessor. (Even though Biden was given to bouts of boorishness himself.)

So when Biden took office, there was much rejoicing among the Beltway bubble dwellers as they crowed that the adults were back in charge. Yet, an objective assessment of the first half of Biden’s presidency necessarily leads one to question their definition of “adults.” Is that just another word for super-sized screw-ups?

Even the latest debacle of Biden’s mishandling of classified documents is compounded by the fact that he’s been using the Office of White House Counsel – which isn’t his personal counsel and shouldn’t be handling matters that involve his role as a private citizen – to address the issue, drawing an ethics complaint in the process.


If this is what it looks like with the adults in charge, bring back the kids.

Note: This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Wednesday, January 18th. Audio included below.


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