Joe Biden's Interview With Jake Tapper Is a Dumpster Fire, Explains Why He Hides in His Basement

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

As my colleague Bonchie reported, Joe Biden’s advisor refused to say yes or no to the question of whether they used a teleprompter to help him in interviews. Which means the answer is, yes, they do. My colleague Sister Toldjah suggested this spells bad news for Biden’s debate prep.

But it explains why they rarely let him out of the basement. Because when they do, as they did with an interview with Jake Tapper on Thursday, it turns into a dumpster fire.

Biden explains how he would tax all businesses with a seven percent increase on corporate taxes “on day one.”

Tapper tried to help him by saying we’re trying to recover the economy, but Biden still goes there. So he’s telling Americans he would immediately try to kill the economic recovery and cause businesses to throw more people out of work because that’s what would result. Completely different from President Donald Trump, who had businesses hiring more people because they could with the savings from tax cuts, thus boosting the economy. Complete failure of understanding by Biden.

Biden seems to be trying to lose voters. Watch him essentially say here that people who voted for him and Barack Obama twice, then voted for Trump in 2016 were racist, listening to a ‘dog whistle’ from Trump.

Way to appeal to voters, Joe! Call them racist, I’m sure that will make them come back to you. Not. That didn’t work out very well when Hillary Clinton insulted half the country. Biden doesn’t want to acknowledge that the Obama/Biden economy left those folks out in the cold, which is why they went to Trump.

Biden then tried to steal from Trump, saying his ‘plan’ would encourage companies to stay in America, which of course is what Trump has been doing.

Then Tapper asked him didn’t Trump deserve credit for renegotiating NAFTA which Obama/Biden didn’t do although promising they would even with a Democratic Congress. Biden claimed he couldn’t because there was a Republican Congress. But they had a Democratic Congress up till 2011 and Trump did it with a Democratic Congress. Tapper noted that even Nancy Pelosi called the USMCA, the renegotiation, a “victory for American workers.” But Biden failed to take responsibility for once again being wrong for supporting NAFTA and failed to give Trump credit, although he was forced to concede Trump’s USMCA was better than NAFTA.

Tapper also asked Biden about his decisions on China which like most of Biden’s other foreign policy positions were wrong and favorable to China despite hurting our country.

“We want China to grow,” Biden said. Oofa. Um, Joe? You’re running for President of the United States, not of China. Anyone who says “we want China to grow” after what they did to us and the world in lying about the Wuhan coronavirus deserves to be soundly rejected at the polls. Can we also talk about Hunter and his connection to China?

But I will give Biden this much, more of what he was saying was comprehensible in this interview, at least what was shown. Hard to know what was left on the editing room floor. But that’s the problem. When he’s comprehensible, he’s just wrong, lying, or insulting.