RedState Weekly Briefing: A Win for Lake, Mirth for Musk, Ignominy for Dems

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Welcome to the RedState Weekly Briefing  — where we take a quick look at the week’s most viewed stories in case you missed any of them. Grab a cup of coffee and sit down with this 21st Century Weekend Edition of your favorite (online) publication!

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#1 – Kari Lake Finally Scores a Win Against Katie Hobbs — by Bonchie

Ultimately, as I wrote initially when the lawsuit was filed, it was always likely to be too difficult to prove intent (required under the law) and that voters were actually disenfranchised. Supposition, as much as it makes for good internet chatter, wasn’t going to do it here, and without direct evidence that ballots were improperly discarded or tampered with (i.e. votes changed somehow), the end result was inevitable.

Regardless, Hobbs, being the insufferable Karen that she is, couldn’t just walk away victorious. She instead requested the judge sanction Lake as punishment for even challenging the election. On that front, Lake has finally scored a win, albeit one that probably won’t be much consolation.


Elon Musk
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#2 – What Is a Woman? Elon Shows Pendulum May Be Swinging Back to Reality With Hilarious Babylon Bee Video — by Nick Arama

So instead you have a rejection of what a woman is then, that there is no real definition, moving to anyone can be a woman if they say they are a woman. Damn any reality — there is no reality.

Here’s the change that the Cambridge Dictionary just came up with — including “an adult who lives and identifies as female, though they may have been said to have a different sex at birth.” Translation: We’re not even going to say what we’re talking about/that we’re talking about someone who was born a biological male. What is “said to have a different sex at birth”? You have a sex at birth, whether Cambridge wants to say it or not; it is not “said.” What does “lives as a female” even mean? If you can be a woman simply because you imagine you are, can you be a child even if you are an adult? Or black even if you are white?



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#3 – Ted Lieu Attacks New ‘Twitter Files’ as Misinformation, Immediately Gets Dragged by Elon Musk for Spreading Misinformation — by Bonchie

The fact check goes on to expose, in detail, why the original claim of COVID-19 being a leading cause of death for children is false. The study (which was done by a group in the UK) cherry-picked time periods, ignored the difference between dying with COVID and dying from it, and double-counted deaths over a 26-month cumulative period (while comparing to other causes of annualized deaths only in 2019).

Here’s the thing, though. Lieu shouldn’t have needed to be shown that fact check. If he weren’t so busy pushing ridiculous leftwing narratives, which is what the entire Twitter Files saga is about, he’d have used common sense to recognize what he was spreading was wrong, and that includes his claim about natural immunity. There is no definitive study that says natural immunity only lasts a few months and there is plenty of data that suggests it lasts much longer.


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#4 – Katie Porter’s Wounded Warrior Scandal Manages to Get Worse — by Bonchie 

When you put the timeline together, it’s pretty grotesque. Porter treated Georgiades like garbage, kicking her out of the office permanently and claiming the staffer gave her COVID-19 (something Porter couldn’t possibly know). Yet two weeks later, Porter put up a previously-filmed video with Georgiades bragging about the congresswoman’s supposed concern and respect for veterans.

There’s something sociopathic about that, especially given Porter reportedly never reconnected with Georgiades to apologize or explain her behavior. Normal people don’t treat their employees like trash only to use videos of them for what boils down to shameless self-promotion.



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#5 – Bette Midler Gets Schooled on Grooming and Kyle Rittenhouse — by Nick Arama 

Midler’s remarks are just another deflection from what the term groomer means: that as presently used, it is a condemnation of the attempt to sexualize children. You would think everyone, on all sides of the aisle, should be against sexualizing kids. It surely doesn’t mean parents teaching a child to how to properly use their right to self-defense guaranteed them under the Constitution.

But this is not just about Midler trying to deflect from the troubling question about grooming. It’s also about using the picture and the Rittenhouse case to attack gun rights because she thinks the case somehow supports her position. But indeed, it does the opposite. The Rittenhouse case shows the importance of gun rights, to be able to competently respond to such threats — everyone should be so lucky to be correctly taught how to defend themselves. The fact that Rittenhouse had some training enabled him to save his life when faced with people who wanted to kill him. The jury agreed it was self-defense, which is why Rittenhouse was acquitted in the matter.


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