RedState Weekly Briefing: Wray Takes Flight, Raid's Not Right, Cheneys' Spite

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#1 – That ‘Flight’ Christopher Wray Told Senators He Had to ‘Catch’ Turns Into a Scandal — by Bonchie

There are several things to consider, including the fact that Wray clearly misled Congress on why he had to leave. The idea that a government-controlled FBI jet couldn’t wait an extra few minutes for Republicans to finish their questioning is ludicrous. Wray is nothing if he isn’t manipulative, though, and the way he played things while in the hearing was clearly meant to make it seem as if he were catching a commercial flight. That’s not a “lie,” I guess, but it is dang sure dishonest.

Then there are the questions around whether Wray’s flight was even legal. I can’t say as I’m no expert on that area of the law, but I’ve always been under the impression that government officials can’t use government aircraft for personal trips, with the only exception being the President of the United States. If Wray tries to claim that he needed to go to his favorite vacation spot on an FBI jet for “business,” that’s scandalous. At the very least, I believe he must reimburse the government. Is he doing that?


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#2 – Trump Attorneys Spill the Beans on Issues With FBI Raid, Warrant — by Nick Arama


She confirmed that it was due to the Presidential Records Act, which the host indicated has never been prosecuted–one of the many reasons this “rationale” to seize documents from Trump’s home is ridiculous. She said they also were looking for classified documents. “The irony of both…is it is the president [Trump] himself who gets to decide what is a presidential record. So, why they get to redefine that is unclear and why they get to search, why that’s even in a warrant, it doesn’t really make any sense,” she said. “The same thing with any potential classified information.”

What is ridiculous about all this is how opposed this is to how they treated Hillary Clinton, whose home was never raided, who was never gone after for getting rid of her emails or having classified documents on her private server.


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#3 – Details of What FBI Seized at Mar-a-Lago Make FBI Raid Look Downright Scandalous — by Bonchie

Which only underscores how out of bounds the entire raid was. The justification is so paper-thin that it’s only logical to assume the FBI had other motives, and given the DOJ’s obvious coordination with the January 6th committee, wouldn’t that seem likely?

This is not how the Presidential Records Act has ever been enforced. Even if the FBI felt it had probable cause to seize the materials it took, all it would have taken was a phone call and a few plain-clothed agents. Instead, the government chose to send rifle-wielding agents in full body armor to raid the premises of a former president, ostensibly for some dinner napkins.



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#4 – After the FBI’s Trump Raid, Don’t Take the Bait — by Bonchie 

There is nothing the Biden administration and the left at large want more than another January 6th moment before the mid-terms. They long for it, and they are willing to do anything to try to manipulate a reaction out of the right to feed into their narrative. Why? Because they believe it can save them from certain destruction in November.

Further, the FBI specifically wants justification to fight its war on “domestic terrorism.” They want to crush you and anyone who thinks like you. All they need is some on the right to lash out to enact their plan, and they have the entirety of the country’s institutions, including the press, supporting them.

Let me be frank: Do not give them what they want.


Capitol Breach Investigation
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#5 – Glenn Greenwald Goes to Town on Why Dick and Liz Cheney Hate Trump so Much — by Nick Arama

Greenwald said that Trump expelled the “Bush-Cheney” ideology by denouncing them and he won, thereby changing the very nature of the Republican party. That’s why the Cheneys and the Bushes hate Trump, “petty dynastic vengeance,” Greenwald said. Cain notes how “principled” the left is when they align themselves with the neo-conservatives because the neo-conservatives are against Trump.

Things haven’t been the same since Trump showed you can unseat the establishment. That’s why he’s truly “evil” to these people on both sides of the aisle, it has nothing to do with Jan. 6. They hated him way before that, indeed, ever since he won and that’s why. He upset the plan and showed it could be upset. That’s why he has to be crushed so that no one will ever dare to do that again.




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