Glenn Greenwald Goes to Town on Why Dick and Liz Cheney Hate Trump so Much

Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via AP

I wrote about this insane ad that Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) put out that featured her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney. In the ad, Cheney claims that in the 246-year history of our nation, no individual has posed a greater threat than President Donald Trump.


Now, I noted how unhinged that was, how she’s pulling out the wrong card throwing this out there in the last days of the campaign, thinking that’s somehow going to help her in her campaign in Wyoming. If anything, it will drive people there further away from her thinking that she is truly unhinged, if they already didn’t think that. Dick Cheney also slipped up and made clear that their aim is about keeping Trump from becoming president again, just like the Democrats.

In response, because that serves the anti-Trump Democratic narrative, suddenly some on the left are embracing these comments from Dick Cheney, the man they have demonized like Darth Vader for decades. They don’t care who the person is or what they may have said about him yesterday, it’s all about whether this will serve their power goals today — which are all about getting Trump out of the way for 2024.

It’s all about what will support Democratic power and that’s exactly what the Cheneys are supporting with this effort, whether they acknowledge it or not.


But journalist Glenn Greenwald had a great question about all this: why do the Cheneys hate Trump so? What’s the point of this animosity? Why are they willing to throw in with the Democrats to act like this? The answer is a simple one. As Greenwald observes, Trump came in fighting the neocons, calling out the Bush/Cheney worldview and Jeb!, who the Republicans wanted to win in 2016. He came in talking about wanting to end foreign wars and the things that sustain the security state.

Greenwald said that Trump expelled the “Bush-Cheney” ideology by denouncing them and he won, thereby changing the very nature of the Republican party. That’s why the Cheneys and the Bushes hate Trump, “petty dynastic vengeance,” Greenwald said. Cain notes how “principled” the left is when they align themselves with the neo-conservatives because the neo-conservatives are against Trump.


Things haven’t been the same since Trump showed you can unseat the establishment. That’s why he’s truly “evil” to these people on both sides of the aisle, it has nothing to do with Jan. 6. They hated him way before that, indeed, ever since he won and that’s why. He upset the plan and showed it could be upset. That’s why he has to be crushed so that no one will ever dare to do that again.

But it’s too late — you can’t lock the door after the horse already got out. Not only is Trump out there in the wings. But others who are willing to challenge that neo-con entrances bipartisan establishment are out there and coming as well. And the establishment can’t stop them.


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