RedState Weekly Briefing: Press Sec Mumbling, Dems Fumbling, Approval Tumbling

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Welcome to the RedState Weekly Briefing  — where we take a quick look at the week’s most viewed stories in case you missed any of them. Grab a cup of coffee and sit down with this 21st Century Weekend Edition of your favorite (online) publication!

Karine Jean-Pierre
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#1 – Peter Doocy Leaves Karine Jean-Pierre Gasping for Air After Simple Question on Inflation — by Jeff Charles

Jean-Pierre gave a meandering response that did not even come close to answering Doocy’s question. “Well, you know, we have talked about…we have talked about this this past year about making sure that the wealthiest among us are paying their fair share,” she stammered. “And that is important to do. And that is something that, you know, the president has been working on every day when we talk about inflation and lowering costs. And so it’s very important that, you know, as we’re seeing costs rise, as we’re talking about how to, you know, build an America that’s safe, that’s equal for everyone and doesn’t leave anyone behind. That is an important part of that as well.”

After trying to consume that word salad, Doocy pressed, asking again how raising taxes on corporations would “lower the cost of gas, the cost of a used car, the cost of food for everyday Americans.”


Witness at House abortion hearing leaves Jamie Raskin “reclaiming” his time after being effectively challenged (Credit: C-Span)

#2 – Witness at House Abortion Hearing Leaves Jamie Raskin ‘Reclaiming’ His Time After Devestating Rebuttal — by Bonchie

This is what happens when Democrats are actually challenged on their views regarding abortion (or any topic, really). One of the most common misdirections the left uses to justify the barbaric practice until birth is the topic of rape and incest. It doesn’t matter that such instances represent a tiny fraction of abortions, with most estimates coming in around one percent, Democrats do not want to talk about the realities of what they actually support. Because of that, they constantly hide behind a facade of concern about rape and incest exceptions.



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#3 – Democrats’ Last, Best Hope for the Mid-Terms Crashes and Burns in New Poll — by Bonchie

Well, I’m here to bear some bad news for the left: Their last, best hope to turn things around before the mid-terms is crashing and burning. NBC News has a new survey out, and not only is Joe Biden in full-scale collapse, but the issue polling is a flashing red light for Democrats.


Tucker Carlson
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#4 – Tucker Carlson Responds to Charges He Inspired Buffalo Shooter, Makes His Critics Look Like Childish Ghouls — by Bonchie

Carlson notes the way in which Democrats rushed to execute a coordinated campaign to assign culpability for the Buffalo massacre to everyone from Donald Trump to Elise Stefanik. And shock of all shocks, the solution is to act on the left’s prior demands by limiting speech and cracking down on social media companies. New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is shown in a clip proclaiming that you “can’t shout fire in a crowded theater” and that “hate speech” isn’t protected under the law. Both those claims are false, but even if they weren’t, think about who gets to define what “hate speech” is, and then you’ll understand the left’s end game.


Supreme Court Abortion Congress
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#5 – Chuck Schumer Makes a Cowardly Move After Tucker Carlson Calls His Bluff — by Sister Toldjah

Carlson has been bearing the brunt of the criticism from Democrats and their media allies in the aftermath of the attack, but during his program Monday night, he made his critics look even more childish and foolish, delivering a spot-on commentary focusing on how nauseatingly predictable the left has become after these tragedies happen in their dangerous calls for limiting speech and in the process deliberately escalating race wars for political gain, both of which accomplish absolutely nothing beyond keeping entrenched and feckless Democrats in power a little while longer.

And in a perfect example of life imitating art, Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) set about proving Carlson’s point in an a nasty-gram he wrote to Fox News executives “imploring” them to shush Carlson’s alleged racist rantings:






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