Susie Moore: Guest Stint With Josh Gillespie on The Political Nomad

Some of you may already know this, but I first cut my teeth in the podcasting/radio world as a co-host on a friend’s show 7 or 8 years ago. Josh Gillespie hosted “Gillespie” on (where my RedState colleague Thomas LaDuke hosts Bourbon on the Rocks) for a couple of years and I was privileged to be his co-host back in the Tea Party heyday. Eventually, Josh moved on to other things and I became the host of my own show, “Q With a View,” for several years. (“Q” has been on hiatus for a while now but I have given some thought to resurrecting it. One of these days, maybe.)


Josh has recently started a new venture — The Political Nomad — and was kind enough to invite me to join him as a guest this past weekend. We covered RedState, my political (and faith) journey, the evolution of my thoughts on President Trump (WARNING: You might not like everything you hear but, then again, you might be surprised), Trump’s contentious relationship with the press and media bias*, and even have a little fun at the end discussing road trip playlists.

Video of this episode can be found below. Hope you’ll watch and enjoy!

*  Key quote from this part of the discussion: “We all have biases. Every single news outlet out there, every single information source comes from people — people have biases. Acknowledge it. It’s okay. Just don’t pretend like you don’t have it.”



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