Innovation: Escape Room Company Comes up With Intubation Hood to Help Protect Medical Professionals

CREDIT: Gateway Escape Rooms image of intubation hood.

One of the upshots of life in the time of crisis is the innovative ways in which our fellow citizens step up to help. As the COVID-19 story has unfolded, we’ve seen test kits fast-tracked (see, e.g., Abbott Labs), distilleries converted to produce hand-sanitizer, companies and individuals producing masks.


One St. Louis business owner is doing his part to help keep medical professionals safe. Tim McNabb of Gateway Escape Rooms has come up with a way to fabricate an intubation hood — a plexiglass device that sets over patients while they’re being intubated.

The hood has holes that allow doctors to reach in and insert the tube while adding an extra layer of protection between them and the patient during the process, as the insertion of the tube essentially opens up a “fountain of corona” and puts the doctor/nurse/anesthesiologist at added risk.

Talk about ingenuity!

McNabb was interviewed by local radio host Marc Cox (97.1FM Talk) yesterday morning and described the process and the progress they’ve made.

McNabb has been providing updates as they go along in the Intubation Hood Facebook group he set up. Yesterday, he noted:

“I am gratified and humbled to report, our hood was used to protect an area ER doctor while intubating a patient.”


He later added:

“The doctor reports that the hood was easy to use and did not interfere with the procedure…THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!”

McNabb has also been posting updates of their progress on the Gateway Escape Rooms page:

(Note: The vast majority of patients come with a body attached. *wink*)

The page also includes suggestions as to how those interested can help:

So, kudos to McNabb and the lives this invention is likely to help save (patient and medical professional alike.) And here’s to the great American innovative spirit!


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