Tail of Two Kitties

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And now, for a brief diversion from the sturm und drang of all-politics-all-the-time, we turn to sports. (Which rarely isn’t political anymore.  See, e.g., Nats Go to the White House, Trigger Leftists Big Time With What They Do; Nats Player Destroys WaPo Writer Who Posts Fake News About Trump White House Visit.)


Last night, during the Cowboys-Giants game on Monday Night Football, the action was momentarily put on hold when an unexpected visitor took the field.

Given that Halloween was last Thursday, I think Mr. Cat may have been a few days late but nevertheless, he entertained. In fact, Kevin Harlan incorporated that cat into his play-by-play:

Harlan even had the presence of mind to include the sponsor! (“And the Cat is in the CDW Red Zone!”) (h/t David Stephens)

It didn’t take long for the memes to roll in.  (Side note: Memes may be the saving grace of social media.)


Being a Cards fan, last night’s kitty hijinks called to mind one Rally Cat, who served as the prelude to a Yadier Molina Grand Slam during their August 9, 2017 game against the Royals:

I say the more cats (and dogs) involved in the “national conversation” the better. Oh, who am I kidding? We’ll ruin those with politics, too.


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