Amazing Race: Finishing Strong in Missouri

President Donald Trump points to the crowd as he leaves the stage at the end of a campaign rally Monday, Nov. 5, 2018, in Cape Girardeau, Mo. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

Republican Senate candidate Josh Hawley, right, speaks after being introduced by President Donald Trump during a campaign rally Monday, Nov. 5, 2018, in Cape Girardeau, Mo. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)


So, this is it. Today’s the day the votes will be cast, the gawdawful political commercials will depart the airwaves, and President Trump can take a break from barnstorming the country.  Which is something I have to tip my hat to — that man has hustled his rear off in an attempt to drag GOP candidates across the finish line. I’m under no illusion it’s been driven by altruism — Trump has a significant stake in the GOP holding Congress. Still, credit where it’s due: Trump’s been a workhorse on the campaign trail. And we’ll know in a few short hours whether it’s paid off.

The Senate race here in Missouri has drawn a lot of focus — it’s one of the most hotly contested races of 2018. And it’s seen as a seat that realistically could be flipped from blue to red — we’ve covered the Hawley vs. McCaskill duel extensively here at RedState. And Trump’s team has clearly recognized its importance: I’ve lost count of the number of visits he’s made here in support of Josh Hawley over the past few months. He’s hit Kansas City, Springfield, Columbia, St. Louis, and Cape Girardeau — some of those more than once.  And that doesn’t include the multiple visits Mike Pence has made.

So it was fitting that his last stop would once again be in the Show-Me State. Last night, Trump wrapped up a three-state (in one day) tour in Cape Girardeau, where he was joined by one of its most prominent (former) residents: Rush Limbaugh. Mid-way through the event, a woman near the front fainted. Trump stopped his speech and encouraged first responders to take their time assisting the woman.


It was an 8-minute pause, peppered with shouts from the audience — several “I love you, Trump’s,” a few “Finish the wall’s,” a bunch of “Hi’s” from a small child who was apparently near a microphone, and one “CNN sucks!” which drew a fit of laughter from the crowd.  Trump acknowledged some of the shoutouts but largely remained stoic on stage, again encouraging the responders to take their time. As the woman was being tended to by paramedics and loaded onto a stretcher, several audience members suggested prayers for her.

And then, spontaneously, the crowd began singing “Amazing Grace.”

It was a pretty amazing moment, capping off what’s been an amazing race.

The full 8-minute segment can be viewed here:



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