Coldest "Hot Take" on Texas Church Shooting

Karma.  Let’s talk about it. First of all, while it’s true that it’s often a b-word, it isn’t what most people misconstrue it to be. It isn’t “reaping what you sow,” or “getting your just desserts.” At least not in this life.  It’s what determines the nature of your next existence. So, invoking it as an explanation for something bad — or evil — which befalls another in this life isn’t just atrociously rude. It’s intellectually lazy. It’s the social media equivalent of writing a song about irony while using non-ironic examples.


But that hasn’t stopped one Twitter Wannabe Cool Kid from attempting to capitalize on today’s tragic church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, and sharing his heartless “hot take” via social media. One Antonio E. Gonzalez is figuring that those killed or injured earlier today were/are Trump supporters so, hey, good riddance, amiright? This was the initial tweet I saw:

But then I went and took a gander at his timeline. And it all becomes ever-so-clear. Antonio needs some attention, so he’s going to give you his bad-ass hot take — several times over — in the hopes that you’ll notice:

Just in case you weren’t clear on his philosophy:

Got that?

What would possess someone to even think such things, much less put them out there for all the world to see?  Antonio explains it to us:


You see, friends, Antonio isn’t feeling well. He’s down in the dumps. So he’s feeding off the anguish of countless others. But, hey, at least he isn’t a Trump voter.

I hate to break it to you, Antonio, but that’s not how this works….that’s not how any of this works. Maybe someday you’ll realize how fortunate that makes you.



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