The NAACP Is Giving People Travel Warning Whiplash

Last week, the NAACP made the unprecedented move of issuing a travel warning for the State of Missouri.  While not the only reason cited, the primary justification offered for this move was the recent passage in Missouri of Senate Bill 43, which, the NAACP has labeled a “Jim Crow law,” in light of the higher burden of proof it imposes in discrimination lawsuits.


As I wrote previously, the St. Louis County chapter of the NAACP pushed back on the warning/advisory, citing concerns that the warning would, in fact, harm those it purportedly aimed to protect.

Now, however, the local chapter has reversed its stance on this issue and “wholeheartedly supports” the advisory.

On Saturday, officials from the county chapter said in a statement that they had a change of heart “after additional study and consultation with our state conference.”

“Those who sponsored this bill have used deceptive tactics to conceal what they’ve actually done,” said St. Louis County NAACP President Esther Haywood in a statement. “They’ve taken away our protections from unlawful and immoral discrimination. Just how far back in time are they planning to take us?”

So, it looks like the local branch and national organization are back to being on the same page. And Missouri holds the dubious distinction of being the only (or perhaps just the first) state which the NAACP has officially deemed dangerous to travel. Lovely.


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