Tom Brokaw Makes a Startling Revelation

Tom Brokaw joined “Morning Joe” yesterday to discuss his recent visit to Powell, Wyoming.  Brokaw is doing a story on Donald Trump’s first six months in office and zeroed in on Powell, which he fondly recalls from previous visits as “a wonderful, prototypical small town.”


Brokaw noted that Powell voted for Trump 70%.

“So I went around and said, ‘Where are you now?’ [Sixty-nine point nine] percent, I’d say at this point, and they blame us [in the media],” said Brokaw. “They say, ‘You guys are all in the hands of the Democratic Party. It’s a liberal cabal against this president.’

“They don’t feel any connection between what we do and how they live their lives. And they’re not entirely wrong. Because they look at these shows doing analysis and commenting, and they don’t see anybody who looks like them or lives the lives that they do.”

That Trump voters from small-town America still support him isn’t particularly shocking. Nor is the fact that they blame the media or view it as an arm of the Democratic Party. What’s shocking is Brokaw’s acknowledgment that, “they’re not entirely wrong.” Wow. That’s a pretty remarkable admission!  Baby steps, Tom.


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