Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 151: The 'Biden Gang, Nefarious, and Writers Strike' Edition

As more and more information comes out about President Biden and his ethically challenged son selling influence while the former was serving as VP under Obama, I find myself waiting to hear lefties express remorse or even admittance about what is arguably the most corrupt administration this nation has ever seen.


Because surely, given the level of corruption and the amount of money involved — not to mention the tarnishing of their favorite and most saintly President’s administration — they will start expressing outrage at any time, right?

Ok, I know they won’t. I know they’ll just quietly lobotomize the problem child, spirit him away from public view, and try to run someone in his place as the threat of actual indictment becomes clearer in the wake of the indictments (past and looming) of another former president. But impeachment has to come first, so let us look to the House and hope they come through. Breaking down decorum barriers can sometimes come back to haunt you, huh liberals? Just ask Harry Reid.

Anyway, while we wait for the House to bring the pain, I offer my thoughts on the white trash White House on today’s show. I also (finally) give a review of sorts of “Nefarious” (trailer below — and yes, I know we’ve all moved on to Sound of Freedom and Barbenheimer, but I get to things when I can), and rather animatedly discuss why the Hollywood writers strike is just…well, I mean, it’s just silly.


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