Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 146: The 'China Select Committee, Cocaine Bear, and Cali's Failing Film Industry' Edition

I’m having a running debate with some of my conservative friends that one of the worst things we can do right now is adopt the “everything’s terrible!” rhetoric of the progressive left, who would like nothing more than to believe that to be true.


Not only because it’s falling into their language trap, but also because it’s not actually true. The new GOP House, for example, came out of the gate kicking tail and taking names. And, so far, there’s more reason to be optimistic than there has been in some time.

On that note, every voting citizen should be keeping track of the hearings they’ve been having on everything from the origins of the coronavirus to the weaponization of federal agencies. One of those hearings was particularly revealing — the Select Committee on China.

Tuesday’s hearing had four witnesses, including H.R. McMaster, a retired Army lieutenant general who was former Republican President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, and Matt Pottinger, a long-time China hawk who was deputy national security adviser to Trump.

McMaster said the United States must put a priority on expediting delivery of billions of dollars of weapons and munitions that Taiwan has already purchased. “As we might have learned from Ukraine’s experience, it is much cheaper to deter a war than to fight one,” he said in his written testimony.


I listened to all 3 hours of that first hearing, and you should, too. You can find it at CSPAN and, if you care about what Chairman Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) called the “existential struggle over what life will look like in the 21st century,” you will.

I offer my own thoughts on the hearing in today’s show, as well as laugh a bit about the hilarious slasher film, “Cocaine Bear” (NSFW trailer below). There’s also a bit about how Hollywood continues to shoot itself in its own foot by regulating the film industry in ways that are sure to keep the industry out of California.

Put your earbuds in and gain a little wisdom.


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