Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 123: The 'Alternative Energy Fantasy, Return of David Vining, and Fugitive/Batman' Edition

On today’s show, I talk a briefly about the progressives’ energy fantasies (see: the rest of this post), but the bulk of the show is a fantastic chat with my friend David Vining, a writer and film buff, who digs deep into cinema in his spare time and kindlry offered his review of “The Batman” and a fantastic John Ford gem called “The Fugitive” (both trailers are below).


So read on to hear about energy (yawn) but stay for the creative movie stuff (hooray!).

If there were questions about how the progressive Democrats were going to move the U.S. toward their alternative energy plan — which relies on sometimes unreliable if not outright untested technology — the last several weeks should have provided an answer.

In a word: they plan to lie.

Everyone from Biden’s administrative mouthpiece Jen Psaki to the Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm have suggested, by way of priming the pump (pun intended), that if Americans would simply buy electric cars, the high price of gas would not be troubling them.

And then there’s this nugget from March 2022:

I’ll let The Wall Street Journal explain this nonsense:

There are 9,000 available unused drilling permits, he claimed, and only 10% of onshore oil production takes place on federal land. Talk about a misdirection play.

First, companies have to obtain additional permits for rights of way to access leases and build pipelines to transport fuel. This has become harder under the Biden Administration. Second, companies must build up a sufficient inventory of permits before they can contract rigs because of the regulatory difficulties of operating on federal land.

It takes 140 days or so for the feds to approve a drilling permit versus two for the state of Texas. The Administration has halted onshore lease sales. Producers are developing leases more slowly since they don’t know when more will be available. Offshore leases were snapped up at a November auction because companies expect it might be the last one.

Interior’s five-year leasing program for the Gulf of Mexico expires in June. Yet the Administration hasn’t promulgated a new plan. Nor did it appeal a liberal judge’s order in January revoking the November leases. But the Administration has appealed another judge’s order requiring that it hold lease sales.


And there’s more. Read the whole thing.

So prepare yourselves for all energy, all the time as the Biden admin tries to use every available thing they can to sell Americans on a green energy plan. We’ll all be propaganda experts on the subject by this time next year.

Find a quiet place press play.

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