Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 101: The 'Afghanistan Plan, Free Guy, and The Vax Mandate War' Edition

Oh where to begin with the “withdrawal” from Afghanistan? I’m not the first to notice but it hasn’t gone well and, to make matters worse, Team Biden is giving conflicting reports about exactly what they’re doing to help Americans trapped there get clear of the Taliban’s crosshairs. For example, Biden gave a briefing today telling everyone things were going exactly to plan and that other terrorist organizations like ISIS and al Qaeda have not maintained a presence in Afghanistan.


An hour later, the Pentagon and State Department indicated that ISIS and al Qaeda are still very much in the area and suggested that we will be able to deal with them without “having boots on the ground.” Who ‘s telling the truth?

Well ladies and gentlemen, I think it’s highly unlikely we’ll completely remove ourselves from the region, and that American military and intelligence members will, in fact, retain some sort of base in the country. Biden alluded to that today from the White House.

The question then becomes, why would we allow the Taliban to regain control and why did the Afghan Security Forces abandon the region when Americans withdrew?

I don’t have the answers to these questions, of course. But I know reports that the Taliban — already well-known for their brutality and medieval leadership tactics — have expressed a willingness to welcome China’s support have me more than a little concerned. As do reports that Biden acted unilaterally, only speaking with our primary allies after the disaster of a withdrawal was well underway.


In any event, I talk about all that on the show today and give you an idea of what I think might be really going on (Biden’s trying to split the baby, if you will). I also offer a few thoughts on the charming “Free Guy” (trailer below) and the ramping up of lawsuits related to COVID mandates in entertainment venues and educational institutions (and there are a bunch of them as school starts).

Gimme 30 minutes of your time.

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