Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 99: The 'Capitalism/Communism/Fascism History Lesson, Green Knight, and Superheroes vs Everyday Heroes' Edition

There’s a lot of misinformation — and, let’s face it, intentional miseducation — out there when it comes to governance and economics. Fascism is not what most people think it is. Nor is Communism. Nor is Capitalism.

So I decided to deal with the gaps by offering my own, very informal, history lesson on the three spurred by this laughable tweet from the always strange Keith Olbermann (sorry for the language).

One of the first rules of Fascism — to the extent it can be defined since there is no Fascist Manifesto like there is for Communism — is that it’s not enough to say it gives not one damn about personal freedom or civil liberties. In fact, it’s actively against those ideas because they might make it harder to mandate goosestep nationalism and racial segregation.

So DeSantis — who has drawn the ire of Biden for refusing to mandate COVID restrictions or vaccine passports in Florida — is behaving in quite the opposite way he would if he were actually fascist. Then of course there’s antifa, who claims to fight against Fascism but demands lockstep allegiance through violence and intimidation, also hallmarks of the German and Italian regimes in the lead-up to WWII.

And of course we all know the kids believe anyone that spouts Socialism — despite practicing Capitalism — is a good Socialist; and probably never contend with the truth that Socialism/Communism really can’t be compared to Capitalism because the former are ideas for structuring society through governance while the latter is simply describing an economic system. Apples and Oranges.

So hopefully you’ll find something useful in my short history lesson. I also discuss the charming “The Green Knight” (trailer below) because my always-awake English Literature-loving soul simply had to cover it. And bear with me as I turn that into a discussion of the modern love of superhero movies.

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