Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 97: The 'Progressive Consequence, Olympics, and Cinematic Socialists' Edition

So how are we are we all feeling about the effects of progressive leadership today? From Biden’s bumbling weird press moments and insulting townhall Q&As, to Jen Psaki’s rhetorical gymnastics, to California’s recall, and shootings in elite DC enclaves, are we all starting to feel the progress?


The plain truth is that this kind of cultural decay always happens when progressives take power because its a natural consequence of their leadership style and policy ideas. You can’t push to defund the police and expect that crime won’t surge. You can’t tailor policies to keep powerful special interests wealthy and expect small businesses not to suffer. And you can’t spend like money is infinite and not expect the economy to crater.

The pain we’re all feeling — and that weird sense of foreboding due to the near constant threats and intimidations emanating from the hallowed halls of DC — is intricately tied to progressivism. When you grow the federal government, state and local governments lose the ability to lead. When you deal in fundamentally transformative policy pushes, chaos ensues. It’s baked into the cake.

And we’re seeing it play out at the moment in the push for vaccines, in spite of the fact that progressives know they can’t mandate anyone take an experimental vaccine. So they’re asking small businesses to do that dirty work. The coercive behavior is strong and it feels like it’s permeating everything.

Fortunately, the overreach is also strong and many, many people — even those who claim the progressive mantle — are questioning some of the behavior they’re seeing. The shooting on 14th Street NW in DC is a perfect example of that. Now they care because it’s in their neighborhood.


And it’s good for people to finally care but they shouldn’t expect that having their eyes opened will diminish the threats and intimidations. Because those things are not just a consequence of progressive leadership. They’re progressive leadership strategies. And we put them in office.

I talk about all that today on the show, as well as discuss the very good things that come with the Olympics (teaser below) and the “revelation” that the movie industry is full of literal socialists.

Let’s go there.

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