Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 74: The 'TIME Shadow Campaign Conspiracy, One Night in Miami, and Hollywood Paid Political Passion' Edition

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It’s truly rare when politicos are honest and political agendas are revealed to the public, warts and all. But that happened today when a story by Molly Ball in TIME Magazine corroborated what conservative critics of the 2020 election have been saying for months: something was seriously stinky in Denmark.


In a piece entitled, “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election,” Ball unveils what she calls a “conspiracy” (but a good one!) that was necessary to save America from reelecting Donald Trump, whether they wanted to or not. Not to rig the election, like those nutty conservatives who stormed the Capitol will tell you. Just to “fortify” it.

Her tale is a dressed up retelling of almost literally everything conservatives were called insane for suggesting happened in the run-up to the 2020 general election: hastily changed state election laws in violation of the Constitution; pandemic worry used an excuse to change the way we vote; huge corporate entities working with the big money, leftist machine to not only ensure a Trump loss, but to make it impossible to challenge the results; coordinated efforts to control the narrative; and so on.

It feels a bit like it must have felt when those sure Nixon was up to no good learned of Oval Office tapes that had been edited during Watergate. Only we have the admission here instead of dead air.


The question is: why are they admitting it? The answer may be that they have no fear of retribution. But perhaps there’s more to the admission than that…such as potential future lawsuits related to some of what Ball describes. The 2020 election doesn’t yet appear to be in the rearview mirror, and that has little to do with the upcoming impeachment trial of Donald Trump.

I discuss all that on the show today, as well as offer some thoughts on the spectacular, “One Night in Miami” (trailer below) which I consider a must-see. Oh, and about those celebrities, out of the blue, supporting causes like the farmer’s strike in India…I try to offer why that happens to the extent I understand it at all.


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