Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 70: The 'Deconstructing Trump's Term, Midnight Sky, and Gagging Hollywood' Edition

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Well the last week in DC was something else, and to make it even weirder, there’s already been some disturbing behavior on the part of the incoming administration that signals things aren’t about to get any better. Both President-elect Biden and his Vice President-elect immediately began reverting back to the age-old lefty tactic of sowing racial division so they could stand above the fray, all but blaming police officers, who might be secret racists, for their role in what happened at the Capitol.


While the story of Ashli Babbitt — the woman shot and killed — warrants an investigation, the police were certainly not letting people into the Capitol without approval to do so. In fact, the Wall Street Journal recently reported that DC’s Mayor Bowser had requested federal police officers show a “light footprint” on the day of Trump’s rally.

“In a letter to federal officials… Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser urged federal law enforcement to maintain a light footprint for Wednesday’s protests, seeking to avoid the type of show of force that had inflamed tense situations in the city last year.”

So, we’re in for a lot more of the divisive rhetoric it would seem. All in service to this crew of lefty politicians pushing an agenda that will very likely lead to a return to the Obama administration’s overreach and apology touring.

But the protestors at the Capitol have to be held account for letting themselves get stirred up by careless rhetoric on the other side. We knew for a month the Republicans wouldn’t have the votes to actually send electors back to the states. But the Trump faithful apparently refused to accept it. And they let themselves be led into a frenzy. And they’re responsible for that.


Although there do also appear to be credible reports of some leftwing agitators on the scene, and it really only takes a few to stir up the passions of the crowd. So, while Trump underestimated what could happen, I don’t believe he should be removed from office in the final two weeks of his term. There were other more consequential things in play.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing the Democrats sweat a little bit, wondering if he might declassify some things on the way out the door. They deserve to feel that way.

But Americans, if we want better leadership — the kind that thinks of what’s best for voters rather than what’s best for themselves — we’re going to need to be a lot less emotional and a lot more cerebral. Or we’ll keep getting more of the same. All of this is assuming we can trust the electoral process going forward. Fingers crossed.

I discuss all this and more on the show this week. There’s an engaging new film on Netflix I liked, “The Midnight Sky.” (trailer below). And I touch on how entertainment types might want to really think about how much they endorse censorship on tech platforms. Because they’re pretty high-profile people and a lot of fun to take down by those with some evil in their hearts and time to kill.




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