Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 66: The 'Ga. #SuitcaseGate, Undoing, and Grinch Newsom' Edition

Is it too soon to suggest that the election fraud hearing in Georgia — and that weird video out of Fulton County — might have turned the tide in the debate over whether or not there were some really sketchy things going on in the 2020 election? It certainly seems to have gotten the attention of Ga. Governor Brian Kemp, who has called for a signature audit of ballots. And Ga. Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is pushing back saying his office had a monitor on site. I mean, great. But the issue is that partisan pollwatchers and media were allegedly asked to leave while counting continued, both of which — according to state law — are allowed to observe. His office is also insisting no one was asked to leave and that media — media. The nosiest people on the planet — just left of their own accord and were always free to come back.


Maybe all of that’s true. But it’s beginning to strain credulity.

In any event, yours truly was at the hearing in Georgia Thursday and it was an interesting affair. I’ll say this: anyone writing these affiants off as crackpots — and there are thousands of them at this point — needs to speak to a few of them. They care about their electoral process and they’re worried it’s been compromised. What’s the better approach here: to mock them or reassure them? Of course it’s the latter. And if reassuring them means examining the claims and addressing irregularities, so be it. Even if it helps one Donald J. Trump.

I cover all that on today’s show, as well as offer a short review of the superb “The Undoing” (trailer below) on HBO, and discuss why Hollywood types seem ok with the lockdowns (spoiler alert: they’re exempt).

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