Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 64: The 'Election Conspiracies, Queen's Gambit, and Legendary Idiocy' Edition

Conservatives, post 2020 election, have basically been given a choice: get on board the Biden train and accept that any election irregularities are too small to even warrant investigation, or be thought a conspiracy theorist who doesn’t care if the Democrats flip the Senate. And so when our reason tells us stories like this justify a deeper dive into what exactly led to some of the weird statistical anomalies on and just after election night, we’re inundated with calls to ignore that nagging logic. Tough spot to be in.


But it is becoming clear that if the Trump admin has any cards left to play — and my suspicion is they do — they might want to go ahead and start playing at least one; preferably one that carries with it proof that some of these allegations of misdeeds actually occurred. Otherwise the media din of “nothing to see here” will grow louder and louder and become such pervasive white noise that no one will hear about a challenge won in Pennsylvania (which just happened, although you may not have seen it because Google’s returning results about failed legal challenges for several pages of results before this one pops up) or anywhere else.

But there is still more to see, despite nearly every media outlet saying there’s not. This interview with John Solomon was quite interesting, but it might be moot if no one decides to investigate.

Which is to say, Biden is rubbing his hands together, preparing to ascend the steps of the White House. So if there’s anything left to dispute that ascendency, it’s going to get harder and harder for people to hear it as time goes on.


I talk about all that on the show today, as well as reviewing the stupendous “The Queen’s Gambit” (trailer below) and laughing heartily at John Legend’s “understanding” of politics.

Put my thoughts in your brain.

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