Pompeo Reassures Press There WILL Be A Smooth Transition...To Trump's Second Term

A briefing at the State Department Tuesday afternoon lit traditional and social media aflame when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told reporters he predicted a smooth transition to a second Trump term.


Pompeo was asked by a reporter whether officials there were “preparing to engage” with Joe Biden’s transition team.

“There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration,” Pompeo said with a smile.

He added: “The world should have every confidence that the transition necessary to make sure that the State Department is functional today, successful today and successful with the president who’s in office on Jan. 20 a minute after noon.”

There was much sober discussion by very serious people about how this joke — and the assumption is that it was a joke despite Trump declining to concede in the 2020 election until the legal challenges have played out — was just too much frivolity during this tense time in our nation’s history. Or something.


But just for argument’s sake what if…and just humor me…he wasn’t joking? What if the legal challenges and what’s being uncovered related to election integrity necessitate Pompeo preparing the press for what’s to come?

Or Pompeo could have just been engaging in some hilarious savagery. Either way, the next few weeks are going to be entertaining to watch.



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