Guess Which Voters Will Be Angrier If Their Candidate Loses?

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As Democrat legislators and their preferred pundits in the media continue to threaten violence if Biden doesn’t win/Ginsburg’s seat is filled/they get their feelings hurt in any way, a Pew poll from back in August is worth revisiting as it reveals that not only does everyone think it REALLY matters who wins the presidential race in November, one set of respondents reports they would feel much angrier should their preferred candidate lose.


(Despite the fact you’ve likely already guessed which party they represent, I’ll finish this piece.)

Here’s a major finding from the survey, data that almost certainly informs all those threats people like disgraced former CNN host Reza Aslan have been making lately (emphasis mine).

Biden supporters say they’d be relieved if he wins and angry if Trump wins. A majority of Biden supporters (77%) say they would be relieved if he wins the election; just 16% say they’d be excited. And a larger share of Biden supporters (61%) say they would be angry if Trump wins, compared with Hillary Clinton supporters in 2016 (46% angry). Today, more Trump supporters say they would be relieved (61%) than excited (30%) if their candidate wins this year. And while 37% of Trump supporters say they would be angry if Biden wins, that is lower than the share who said they would be angry if Clinton won in 2016 (46%).

Who’s surprised?

That uncontrolled rage might be springing from the fact that, per this same poll, Biden supporters are less interested in Biden than they are Trump.

[O]pposition to Trump is by far the most frequently mentioned reason why [Biden’s supporters] support him. Asked an open-ended question about the main reason they support or lean toward Biden, a 56% majority of his supporters cite their opposition to Trump; far fewer mention Biden’s leadership or performance as a candidate (19%) or his personality (13%).


Further exacerbating the disruption of peace and ease in the heart of a Biden supporter is the clear belief that, again according to this poll, the GOP leads on the economy and that the economy is the number one issue that voters are focused on during the 2020 election.

Of course, no one needed a poll to to tell them the radical left — embraced as it has been of late by establishment Democrats — is a rage-fueled throng of entitled liberals throwing an extended tantrum for the last four years. But it’s nice to see they can admit to themselves.


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