Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 48: 'THE LETTER, UFOs, and Neverending Quarantine' Edition

Like Schrodinger’s cat, cancel culture is both dead and alive until someone opens the box. Harper’s Magazine tried to open the box with THE LETTER, a now-infamous missive from some pretty big names on the liberal left begging everyone to realize that the cat was very much alive, had claws, and was getting everybody fired.


Hilariously, others on the even-harder left — some who had even originally signed THE LETTER — immediately lifted the very-alive cat from the box and set it free, all in an attempt to prove that the cat was very, very lifeless and, in fact, dead.

As Jesse Singal, writing at Reason wrote, the response proved THE LETTER’s point.

Because the American left is basically a war zone at the moment—or online it is, at least—what happened next shouldn’t surprise anyone: A group of us posted the letter and celebrated it, while another much angrier group denounced it and held it up as proof of…well, whatever it is they hate about us and want to get us fired over (this crowd likes calling the manager). Now, it shouldn’t have surprised me—I have been through multiple rounds of this stuff—but I have to admit it did.

One such reaction came from Parker Molloy, a staffer at the left-leaning Media Matters, who insisted, of a letter that includes Rushdie and Kasparov, “not a single one of them have been censored anytime in recent history.” In the subsequent tweetstorm, she said of the signatories:

“They want you to sit down.
They want you to shut up.
They want you to do as you’re told.
By them. Specifically.”

Which brings us to the rest of us poor schmucks, stuck in the middle, clowns to the left, jokers to the right, and a ticked off cat hiding somewhere in the house. We’re fully aware that Molloy, for example, is behaving like the thing she says she hates. And it’s confusing and nearly impossible to understand or try to rationalize.


So what are we left to do?

Laugh. Just laugh. We’ve reached the absurdity threshold and the best thing to do is pop some popcorn and see how it plays out.

I talk about all that on today’s show, and I review a guilty pleasure, “Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation” (clip below). I also get into a about the seemingly neverending quarantine and how it’s affecting our kids, something I wrote about recently that’s worth fighting against if you still have the will to survive this madness.

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