Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 40: The 'Operation Warp Speed, Kevin James' Shorts, and Sidney Powell Brass Knuckles' Edition

If you have told me a month ago that one of the best defenders of the people’s right to push back against mask-shaming and quarantine tattletales would come out of the entertainment world, I would have laughed in your face and skipped off while singing “Imagine” off-key.


But, in fact, that’s exactly what’s happened. And because it comes out of Hollywood, the push back comes in the form of a brilliant, hilarious little video that is mostly harmless in its intent but packs a huge wallop in forcing perspective. Comedy has a tendency to do that. Behold: “King of Queens” star Kevin James lets the social justice warriors know exactly how absurd they are.

There’s nothing mean-spirited about this, and very nearly everyone can relate to it. We’re all in this together, remember? But that hasn’t stopped the very people James is satirizing from behaving in a way that proves the satirizing correct. Here’s the always estimable Christian Toto on the mask-shamers’ and their allies’ response to James’ video.

What’s missing from the Esquire piece? We’ll start with the science stating catching the virus outdoors in a sunny setting is rare. Note the time of day James and his buddy commit the dreaded handshake.

Secondly, we don’t know everything about the virus yet. We may never. A few weeks ago we were told, “don’t wear masks!” Now, some cities insist on them.

Which is it?

Humor exists to poke and prod these inconsistencies and to exaggerate cultural norms, both old and new. It should never play by the rules or simply follow government dictates. This is the kind of clip National Lampoon would make back in the proverbial day.


And we sorely wish they would again.

I cover it all on today’s show, along with the really fantastic news that the race for a vaccine has reached“warp speed,” as well as the attempt to use the stimulus funding as an incentive to keep states closed. Oh, I also review — can you call what I do reviewing or is it just gushing? — “The Expanse” (trailer below).  Try to guess if I liked it…

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