Marble Halls & Silver Screens with Sarah Lee Ep. 38: The 'Flynn Exonerated, Defending Jacob & Tropic Thunder Wokeness' Edition

The kids are at it again. At some point these younger generations are going to have to find some humor since their lives going forward look to be continually highlighted with a growing unease over China, negotiating random viruses, and thriving in economic uncertainty. But they’re not going to get to laughing any time soon it would appear because they’re retroactively angry (again), this time at beloved actor Robert Downey Jr. due to one of his best roles, the clueless pigmented method actor in “Tropic Thunder.”


Apparently comedy — and satire and irony — are completely lost on the children as they embrace their full authoritarian wokeness and, frankly, annoy the rest of us with their sanctimony.

Tropic Thunder, written by Ben Stiller, Justin Theroux, and Etan Cohen, is one of the more memorable comedies of the century so far for the way it rolled its eyes at the more pretentious and vain denizens of Hollywood, as portrayed in the film by Stiller and Robert Downey Jr. The film revolves around the making of a Vietnam War movie, with Downey Jr. playing Kirk Lazarus, an Australian actor who is so committed to Method acting that he gets ā€œpigmentation alterationā€ surgery in order to authentically portray a Black sergeant.

Today, though, a Twitter mob that did not recognize the satirical tone ofĀ Tropic ThunderĀ Ā jumped to accuse Downey Jr. of intentionally and non-ironically darkening his skin in the film.

Sigh. I feel for these kids, really. What a sad and humorless world they inhabit. On this particular issue, there seems to be a hesitancy to really condemn Downey and the film, likely because both are enormously well-loved. And maybe that’s a sign that things are moving in a less, uh, lame direction. But it’s hard not to wonder why they feel the need to police and destroy and frown at and denigrate every joke they miss. Not a lot of humility in these younger generations. That’s a concern.


Anyway, I talk about all that on the show today, and review AppleTV’s “Defending Jacob” (trailer below), as well as go into what looks to be a forthcoming full exoneration of Michael Flynn. It’s a mixed bag, because that’s what I do. Hope it’s got something you can enjoy and laugh at (I won’t tell the kids if you chuckle).


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