Marble Halls & Silver Screens with Sarah Lee Ep. 34: The 'Treatments, Activist Film Making, and A Review of Uncorked' Edition

Don’t know about you guys, but I’m still spending a large chunk of every day monitoring the coronavirus situation and looking under every rock for a silver lining. The good news is, I’m generally able to find some, mostly related to the anecdotal evidence coming out about treatments and treatment trials, even as the news out of New York City looks grim.


But people are surviving this thing. And those people are being asked to consider donating their plasma since the belief is that it may contain antibodies that could fight the virus or at least offer some immunity as we continue to work on a vaccine.

And there was aninteresting thread on Twitter that sort of shifted the way I’ve been thinking about the situation that basically suggested that China — while still responsible for not sharing the seriousness of the outbreak in the early days — may not have been able to really share knowledge of what they were dealing with because they really didn’t know. They didn’t even have accurate information themselves.

This information, assuming it’s true, made me feel both better and worse about the situation because it sort of humanizes the regime and also exposes one of the great weaknesses of Communist governance — something the young people fascinated by socialism desperately need to learn. But worse because…yikes…China was always at the whim of their own ineptitude and the entire world has suffered for it. That’s an enormous amount of negative power concentrated in a country that already espouses an ideology that has only a passing concern for human life.


So we’re about to find out how resilient we are, and how much we can come together to get the economy cranking once we’re given the clear to start engaging with each other again. I’m frankly optimistic. Don’t let me down, America.

All that’s on today’s show, along with a review of a great new offering from Netflix called, “Uncorked” (trailer below) which I can’t recommend enough. And there’s also a bit about a new documentary, “Slay The Dragon” (trailer below) meant to convince you that Republicans are doing some evil gerrymandering, a myth I try to bust by, at the very least, letting listeners know that the practice has been employed effectively by both parties for a long time now.

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