Marble Halls & Silver Screens with Sarah Lee Ep. 32: The 'Good News About Death By China' Edition

While we all continue to stare out our windows wondering when the world is going to stabilize itself, remember there are good things happening around the coronavirus crisis that aren’t maybe on everyone’s lips but are worth seeking and holding on to. They have to do with vaccine production and treatments using existing drugs and the information is out there at your disposal. There’s also the fact that 99% of people who contract this sucker end up recovering. I know you don’t hear that number too much. But it’s one safely being thrown around.


There’s also reason to think that some already-approved antiviral medications are having success in treating the symptoms of the disease, while research and testing continues toward finding a vaccine. So chins up, shut-ins. We’ll get through it.

But the market might take a bit longer to recover and there’s some suggestion that several senators took the opportunity to profit off the crash while hurriedly dumping stock following a briefing on January 24 about the coronavirus. All of this is speculation — nothing has been proven — but it looks, ah, pretty sketchy. Calls for an investigation are appropriate because there are people facing the shuttering of their businesses and the loss of a significant portion of their investments, and insider trading is, well, illegal.

I cover it all on your drive-time (or break-from-Netflix time) podcast this week. And while I thought about discussing the celebrity rendition of “Imagine” by John Lennon, I decided I didn’t care enough to bother. So instead I offer a review of “Death by China,” a documentary built off a book by Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro that is the building block of what eventually became Trump’s trade deal with the Asian nation. Navarro is back in the news now as the author of a draft executive order that seeks to bring the medical supply chain back to the U.S. so I thought it might be relevant and would make for good quarantine watching. It definitely was. I recommend you watch the trailer below and then fire it up on Netflix.


In the meantime, stay cheerful and take a shower!

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