Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 30: The 'Abortion Madness And Sonic The Hedgehog' Edition


We are facing a pandemic. But not of coronavirus (fingers crossed). Of breathless discussion, angry rhetoric, and probable attempts to cancel people over abortion. Because the Supreme Court just heard arguments in the first abortion case to go before them since the court turned a corner and became a more conservative bench.


June Medical Services v. Russo out of Louisiana carries with it the question of whether abortion doctors should be required to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals in case an abortion goes wrong and the patient needs more robust care. Abortion advocates say this will decrease the number of abortion providers because admitting privileges aren’t necessarily an easy hoop to jump through.

And boy have they been coming out to express their displeasure about it. On Wednesday, protestors took to the steps of SCOTUS, with actresses such as Busy Phillips (it’s ok if you don’t know who she is) expressing strange rage over being silenced about her abortion at 15…and her yeast infections, periods, and all other manner of things. The spittle was flying.

But the weirdest part was, as it has been for Alyssa Milano and Katy Perry before her, that she insists that her perfect life now was only possible BECAUSE of her early age abortion, which she euphemistically referred to as “bodily autonomy.”

This notion of sacrificing a child to have all good things in life, as a friend referenced on Twitter by saying Phillips had strong Moloch energy in her speech, is an old one. And you can laugh, I guess, at the idea that abortions, as these ladies describe them, are actually reminiscent of Canaanite child sacrifice.

But…that is what they are saying. I know they quibble over whether or not the child they scraped from their womb is actually a child, but science is getting clearer on that point. And, as our culture starts to reexamine it’s affection for abortion, you can expect that there will be a lot more spittle flying in the months to come. Even from legislators. Because Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer even took the podium at the abortion protest and issued a threat to the conservative justices that they would pay for their decisions in these cases (even though we don’t yet know what they will ultimately decide).


So…get ready. The abortion debate is back with a vengeance.

And, though it feels a little odd to review a children’s movie on the heels of that discussion, that’s exactly what I did on these week’s show. “Sonic The Hedgehog” (trailer below) was Jim Carrey doing what he does best: comedy. Not politics. Comedy. Just wanted to make that clear.

Give a listen while you wind down tonight!


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