Exporting Toxic Masculinity to Save Lives, American Firefighters Arrive in Australia to Applause

Flames from a wildfire advance down a hillside near the Springs of Life Church in Casitas Springs, Calif., on Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017. Wind-driven fires tore through California communities Tuesday for the second time in two months, leaving hundreds of homes feared lost and uprooting tens of thousands of people. (AP Photo/Noah Berger)

The next time questions arise about the value of so-called “toxic” masculinity, defenders of manhood need look no further than the story of the devastating wildfires ravaging Australia and how the U.S. has exported bearded badassery in the form of over 100 firefighters to help battle the blazes.


Firefighters (including some brave and trained ladies also making the trip) from different regions of the West Coast — who know a bit about battling wildfires — have made their way down under to help extinguish blazes that have killed countless animals and claimed the lives of 25 people.

The crew that left on Monday who left on Monday from Los Angeles International Airport will replace a group of personnel sent to Australia in early December. They include hot-shot and helicopter crew members with experience attacking fires early before they grow into large infernos, according to Angeles National Forest Fire Chief Robert Garcia.

The firefighters, 18 men and two women, said they were anticipating “strong fire behavior” and were preparing on what to expect based on their own experience battling wildfires in Southern California.

The Pacific Northwest Region of the Forest Service said that over 100 fire personnel from the U.S. have been working with counterparts in Australia as they struggle to combat the devastating blazes.


New Zealand and Australia are known to send their trained firefighters over to the U.S. when fires are raging, so the land of the free is returning the favor. And are being welcomed accordingly.

Activists have insisted Australia’s current crisis was possibly caused, but definitely exacerbated, by “climate change.”  However, dozens of people have already been arrested for arson in the Australia wildfire fiasco, putting a fine point on a situation closer to home. Glacier National Park in Montana is being forced to change signs indicating their eponymous glaciers would be melted…by 2020.

Perhaps it’s time to admit that “climate change” is not only not an exact science, but is a deeply flawed one that is often subject to the machinations of man.


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