Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 19: The 'Neverending Impeachment, Haddish and Jewell Reviews, And Racist Reindeer Games?' Edition

The articles of impeachment are being debated ahead of the vote right now as I type and I’m struck by the fact that what’s happening in the House of Representatives is the embodiment of every negative thing people think about the federal government. They are quite literally locking the nation down and wasting taxpayer money in service of their political whims; which is to say they hate Donald Trump, want everyone to know it OFFICIALLY — despite knowing that impeachment is going nowhere in the Senate (rumor has it the Senate wants to question Hunter Biden and I’m fairly certain no Democrat wants that to happen) — and don’t care how it affects the soul of the country or how much it costs.


More to the point, the entire show is little more than a distraction from what the last administration did in trying to smear the incoming Trump administration. And if that’s not obvious to you, you really haven’t been paying attention.

But really, who could blame you? What’s happening right now in Washington is House of Cards-cynical and, apparently, will not end with the Senate tossing impeachment. No, House Democrats have vowed to press on. They plan to work on impeachment alone so long as Donald Trump remains in the White House.

Look, if you’re a Democrat voter, this should bother you. You elected these members to get the work of governing done and they’ve instead spent 3 + years trying to undo an election they simply can’t accept they lost.

It’s too much and it’s time it stopped. So I say let’s have the trial and let everyone speak — witnesses for both sides —  and let the American people see exactly what’s been happening. Sure it gives Democrats even more time to not do their jobs, but maybe it’s time for them to be exposed fully since it seems to be what they’re daring everyone to do.

I talk about all this on the show this week, as well as offer a review of Tiffany Haddish’s hilarious Netflix special “Black Mitzvah” and Eastwood’s “Richard Jewell.” There’s also a bit at the end on the Army-Navy “racist” circle game shenanigans (that weren’t racist at all). Enjoy!


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