Once More For The People In The Back: That Happened Under The Obama Administration

Part of the reason the current political climate in the U.S. is such a mess — and why the youth of this country are filled with nearly unassailable rage — is because confirmation bias requires nothing more than a simple login to a favored social media platform. The misinformation is thick.


Take the recent story of a purported Trump administration program to lure illegal immigration activity by using a fake university run out of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Using a fake university based in Michigan, ICE arrested 90 more illegal immigrant students, bringing the total sting operation arrests to about 250.

The Department of Homeland Security created a fake Michigan-based college called the University of Farmington that the department marketed to foreign-born students looking to work in technology. The fake university told the students they could be enrolled in their school to get into the United States on student visas and then never attend the school as part of a “pay to stay” scam.

Students who agreed were arrested on visa fraud and deported. Only 10% of the 250 students caught in the sting had to be deported by Customs and Border Protection. The remaining 80% self-deported after being caught. The remaining 10% have their status tied up as they contest their deportation to the Executive Office for Immigration Review, claiming the situation is entrapment.

This led to a very tearful video from actress Alyssa Milano who weeped into the camera that this is “not who we are.”


Perhaps the laughter at Ms. Milano seems cruel until one discovers that this particular program was created under the President she very likely considers a personal hero: Barack Obama.

The “fake university” ICE sting at the center of many outraged tweets from Democrats was originally launched under President Barack Obama in 2015.

It’s hard to blame Milano when legislators such as Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who have staffs at the ready to research things like this and the responsibility to do just that, spread the word that this is a new program.

And of course left-leaning media does its part, despite having access to powerful databases that could provide them with the details of the program in about 5 minutes.


This makes it perfectly easy to understand why the average person would then express their disgust and outrage over a program that reportedly defrauded some students by taking their money and promising them legal status, only to arrest them as part of a sting. And that the Trump administration is to blame.

When those same young people, who take what they believe to be a moral stand using information provided by media and legislators they trust because they have the resources to research, find out they’ve been publicly made fools of, is it any wonder they take to the streets and disrespect their Boomer elders?

It shouldn’t be.



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