LISTEN: Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw Discusses the Way Forward on Health Care

In an exclusive interview with RedState front page contributor Sarah Lee for The Heartland Institute’s Daily Podcast, GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw (TX) discusses policy currently being proposed in the halls of Congress, from the exorbitant costs associated with single payer plans like Medicare For All to a recent, smaller bill that would help with drug price transparency.


Crenshaw has become a vocal critic of some efforts to roll back the regulatory relief the Trump administration has recently implemented through legislation such as H.R. 986. That piece of legislation, passed last week by the Democrat-controlled house, does not protect those with pre-existing conditions as it purports. Instead, it explicitly seeks to stop states from using innovation waivers to meet the specific health care needs of their populations.

He also talks about the overreach of the federal government with proposals such as Medicare For All, saying that damaging the supply-side of the health care marketplace will only lead to higher costs and reduced quality of health care.

Finally, he mentions some of the work being done to promote access to primary care and bring transparency to the cost of prescription drugs, a topic that is heating up with bills on one side that aim to make list prices available to consumers and on the other with centralized price-fixing.


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